Monday, 30 November 2015

School is a wonderful thing

School. One word that can spark so many emotions. Personally I enjoy school but a lot of people dread it. As a teenager, school just piles everything on you and it gets to the point where you can't take anymore.

For example up until about the middle of Year 10, I just sailed through school and I never had to try to pass anything. Then I hit a point where I noticed I wasn't passing everything and I just took it as a bad day. It wasn't though and things got worse and worse till I finally noticed that I just couldn't do it anymore. For the first time I felt I was dumb. It had gotten to a point where I was far behind and I didn't even know.

So back to the wonders of school. I recently just finished my first official mock season. How did I do you ask? Well I have no clue! But best to be optimistic.  Exams aren't as bad as people seem to make them out to be. Of course revision helps but I learnt it's how you revise and it's different for everyone. But remember to never do big blocks of revision just little and often 20-30 minute sessions

Another wonderful thing about school is the drama. Teen problems. If I were to label myself as a role in my school year I'm the GBF (gay best friend) of my school. In other words I basically know a lot of things that people do out of school because people talk to me. Flattering! Even though most of the times I really don't wanna know. When I first came out I was the height of attention and everyone was asking the one question "Really?" And of course the answer was always yes. Trust me, coming out during high school was both a mistake and a blessing (When I came out, one of my friends was on the floor crying of laughter about it. I'll never know why...)

So yeah... School! You never realise how fast you grow up.

Ryan x

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