Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Who's that... In the mirror?

It's time to knuckle down with your education and ignore everything else. But when your problem is yourself I don't know what to do. I'm a lost person, I know who I am but yet I'm also the biggest stranger.

It gets harder when things are timed poorly as well. My friend group recently had an internal meltdown and I got tied in on both sides. Torn. Torn between two sides in the same group and now I'm stuck as two halves of my self. For the past couple of days my brain just went into shut down and the slightest challenge just hurt and played with my mind

All of this combined has caused my body to give up sometimes. If I don't keep my brain active I'll just collapse and not get up till something literally wakes me up. 

It's always fun to come back on a positive note however! Because life sucks sometimes but we all know that one. I recently passed a test for geography, a subject I am hopeless with... Or so I thought!

I hope life's been treating you readers well anyway. Remember bad days are just days that are bad 

Ryan x 

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