Thursday, 4 February 2016

"Get a grip, Get a life and Get over it"

In the famous words of Alyssa Edwards, the title literally describes what I want to scream at someone. One of the best things about high school would be drama , I mean come on who doesn't love it? Me! 

I feel like people get theatrics and drama confused. I love theatrics and we all do love it. Drama however to me means real life problems, we love to watch soaps and reality television to watch as others suffer. Epicaricy. The second drama touches us in real life, reality hits and it's hits hard.

Take me for example! (It is my blog after all). In a furious temper I decided to be horrible and speak illy of someone. Then that someone found out through the means of others. Butterfly Effect. A drop can become a tsunami. A flap of the wings can become a tornado. For everything you do, it will always tie onto something and lead to happiness eventually. Of course it's usually never straight away because that would make life easy! Can't have that ever can we?

Ryan x